Fine Art Jewelry Designer


In 1976 one of the major pieces in my Master's show was made with concrete with diamonds. In 1980 I moved to downtown LA into a warehouse Loft. The first night my car was broken into and the Stereo was stolen. As I cleaned up the glass I became fascinated with the glassbeauty and wondered how I could create jewelry with it. Of course concrete and cars go together and this was LA! I loved the patterns the broken car window had and began imbedding it into concrete. Back then it was very common for cars to be broken into downtown (no secure parking) and people started calling me when it happened. I would go and clean up the mess so I collected car window glass from different makes of car. These different makes have different colors and break patterns. Using broken car window and concrete as if they were precious stones really appeals to me.

I became interested in CAD/CAM to use to construct the diamond in concrete pieces-My CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) work uses two systems to create the pieces. One is more traditional to the jewelry world. It makes a wax model that is cast into metal. This I call ‘Classical’. This motif uses unusual stones that are put into architectural settings. I like to think of them as buildings to house the stones. The other system makes an object out of a synthetic material known as “ABS”. This motif is entitled ‘Primitive' and has an organic or anthropomorphic orientation. The material I use is black “ABS” to show off the intricate textures created by the machine. It has a wood or textile feel to it. I create the pieces completely on the computer. I don’t sketch them first. I only make ‘one of a kind’ pieces, so that each pieces is generated by the CAM system. The CAM system can be likened unto an ink jet printer. The CAM system deposits wax or ABS rather than ink onto a table. After the machine deposits the material onto the table, it lowers after each layer or course. That is how the object is built up. With the ABS material, I can build movable parts at the same time. I have made ball and socket, pivoting parts and a daisy chain.  I belong to 'ethaical metalsmiths who are against mining and it's  ecological destruction. I am using recycled metal to make the pieces and not promoting metal mining.

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